It All Starts With a Website

The Brewing Sites Platform includes a fully custom built, responsive website just for your brewery. Our designers and developers work with you to craft a website that reflects your brand accurately and will wow your audience.

Once we build your website, we also maintain and update it- all included. We completely manage it from start to finish and ongoing.

If  you already have a website we offer a  'Bring Your Own Site' option. We will only enhance it, make it better and you can enjoy still enjoy all of the other benefits of the Brewing Sites Platform.

All of the features below are included and more are being added all the time! Since our business revolves around breweries, we are always on the lookout for the latest and best features that will benefit you the most.


Tap List Integration

Save time and keep your customers up to date on what's currently on tap at your brewery. We currently work with 3 Digital Tap List providers: Untappd, DigitalPour and We integrate your tap list right into your website so that every time you edit beers on tap, your website automatically updates!

Don't be embarrassed with old, out of date information listed on your websites. We help you look good and save time by making the process simple.

Social Integration

Have you ever gone to a website and all of the information on it looks outdated by about 3 years? Our social integration helps ensure this is not the case when your customers visit your website.

There are multiple benefits to the way we incorporate your social feeds into the site including help you look good and relevant, helping your fans find and connect with you on social networks and finally, SEO benefits.

Beer Finder

Where can people buy your beer? Help them easily find out by using our beer finder feature. We program this into your site so that people can do a search and easily find out!

Mailing List Setup

You make great beer. People are visiting your website to find more about your brewery and what's currently on tap. Are you engaging those visitors and fans that visit your website by asking for their email address?

If you have a mailing list made up of people who are interested in your brewery you can give them a heads up when you have a special event, a new beer release or just as a way to keep in touch and stay in front of your customers.


How are people finding out about your events? We help you create one central point where people can find what's going on at your brewery. We work with Eventbrite and other calendars to give you a solution that makes managing and updating easy and keeps your customers informed.



Beer Specific Features, Pick & Choose As Many As You'd Like- They're All Included



Food Menus

FAQ Page

Responsive Designs


Website Analytics


Unlimited Changes



Map Features

Custom Forms

SEO Optimized

Hosting & Domain